WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



We are committed to meeting our customer needs by providing the highest level of service possible. We care about all of our customers and seek to give each one attentive service.


We provide excellent service.

We will impress our customers with the quality and timeliness of our services in a pleasant and friendly manner.

We are honest and straightforward.

We will act with honor and goodwill.

We practice teamwork.

We will search for opportunities to support our co-workers to create service delivery efficiencies.

We value our customers.

We will treat everyone we encounter with integrity and respect.

We welcome innovation and change.

We will encourage and support employee innovation, creativity, and adaptability to change.

The following set of core values serves as a set of beliefs and principles that the employees of Vaporstock Inc. embrace.


Vaporstock does not share personal information about its customers with third parties for their own marketing purposes. We respect your privacy and are fully committed to protecting it. For more information, please visit our PRIVACY NOTICE.