WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Experience Saltnic Lab's liquid intensity while consuming VGOD Juice. Experience VGOD eliquid flavors with Saltnic Labs eliquid blends right away for a more potent vaping sensation. To provide an excellent tasting vaping experience with smooth, delicious throat hits, SaltNic Labs carefully combines VGOD's e-juice with greater nicotine concentrations. For use in your preferred low-wattage refillable pod device systems, VGOD SaltNic vape juice is specially blended.

Cigar Line, Bomb Line, Lush Line, and Dessert Line are just a few of the flavors we offer in our premium quality VGOD SaltNic e-liquid line. Each line is created using only the highest-quality nicotine and flavor extracts to provide you with the most enjoyable and delicious vaping experience.

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  • Cubano your favorite Cigar topped off with a drizzle of Vanilla Cream
  • Cubano Black More robust tobacco, more rich and creamy vanilla custard, and more nic for your low wattage device.
  • Cubano Silver is for the tobacco flavor enthusiasts. It is a classic Cubano cigar as the primary note mingled with creamy custard, hints of vanilla, brown sugar and honey.
  • Luscious our Delicious Burst of Fresh Watermelon with sweet undertones of Mixed Melons formulated to bring the most out of your low wattage device. Your vape will be Luscious.
  • Lush Ice our signature watermelon candy flavor climaxing with a fresh breeze of menthol
  • Pink Cakes enjoy a small piece of Hawaiian Paradise Cake with huge flavor in your favorite pod mod.
  • Mighty Mint is a cooling mentholated nicotine salt blend, borrowing notes of refreshing wintergreen 
  • Summer Strawberry is a simple yet amazing blend of sun-ripe strawberries picked at their peak of maturity and cooling menthol
  • Dry Tobacco offers a genuine taste reminiscent of your favorite brand.
  • Tropical Mango is a realistic rendition of succulent tropical mangos
  • Melon Mix takes the very essence of a cool bowl of freshly cut melons


  • Bottle Size – 30mL Unicorn Bottle
  • Available Nicotine – 25mg | 50mg
  • VG/PG Ratio – 50VG/50PG